$20K annual savings at WestHaven Assisted Living

“Crew has definitely saved us money, by making us more efficient. We’re easily saving 30 hours of admin time every month; without even blinking.”

Aaron Elliott, Director of Operations

The challenge

WestHaven Assisted Living is a growing senior care facility serving a number of communities in northern California. The company employs more than 40 people and offers a range of senior care to better assist its residents.


Over years of building and honing internal processes, the WestHaven management team had come to rely on a number of tools -- ranging from checklists, to walk-talkies, to voicemail systems. Despite this patchwork of tools and processes, the management team never felt it had the degree of control, accountability, or transparency it wanted. As Aaron Elliott, Director of Operations at WestHaven Assisted Living explains, "It was really easy for people to just not use checklists." 

The solution

In early 2018, the WestHaven team decided to adopt Crew as the one communication and management tool to replace all of those other processes, moving for the first time to a 100% digital workflow.


About the implementation process, Aaron said, “After trying Crew for a few months, we decided to go all-in on Crew.  It allows us to have the entire organization on the same platform; the team really embraced it and it was awesome. We eliminated every paper checklist ever and gone all-in managing tasks and workflow via Crew.”


WestHaven management immediately saw the benefits in terms of increased management control and accountability. Further, WestHaven got the advantage of being able to sync Crew with their existing scheduling system -- When I Work. By syncing the team schedule from When I Work to Crew, it gave employees the ability to view their schedule across both and drive even greater accountability.

“Technology is part of the future, and communication is a huge part of that. Crew creates layers of accountability within our organization. As a leader, it gives me a simpler way to audit what tasks are getting completed on what shift, what’s not getting done, who’s doing all the work… I can audit this with live data.”

Aaron Elliott, Director of Operations 

WestHaven Assisted Living 


After having Crew in place for more than a year, the WestHaven team has seen a marked increase in the quality of work being delivered. Aaron explained, “The quality of the work getting done has improved significantly; I can clearly see that when doing my audits. At the end of the day, most people want to do a good job but don’t remember everything. Crew really helps keep people on task and almost thinks for them.”


By streamlining tasks and keeping all necessary information centralized, Crew has also helped their organization become more efficient.


WestHaven Assisted Living is a senior care facility located in the growing rural community of Orland with its affordable housing, great schools, and numerous nearby sites and recreation options. The campus is located just 20 miles West of Chico, CA – a college community known for its vibrant arts culture, world class outdoor recreation, and excellent health care facilities. 


Orland, California 


Assisted Living/Senior Care


Employees: 40+ 

Residents: 50


  • Optimized operations

  • Increased efficiency and quality of work 

  • Time savings 


  • $20,000 in operational savings each year

  • 1500 hours saved in administrative time per year 

  • Marked increase in quality of work 


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