3 essential ingredients to a high-performing front line

Wednesday, June 19

1 PM EST | 10 AM PST

As any operations leader knows, building a productive frontline team is easier said than done. This challenge is particularly pronounced among multi-unit operators, whose teams are spread over vast geographies, and isn't limited to a given industry. Multi-unit operators in QSR, retail, fitness, and other industries can all benefit from taking a harder look at their strategies for keeping frontline teams engaged.


Join us for a 30-minute webinar with Tracy Toomer, VP of Operations, and Allison Falls, Operations Manager, of United PF, the largest Planet Fitness franchise operator with over 120 locations.


Tracy and Allison will draw on their combined 24 years of experience to share the three pillars on which they’ve built winning teams that produce results. You’ll learn:

  • Strategic tips for empowering and building your team

  • Tactics for effectively connecting your workforce, from the frontline to above-store

  • Key reasons digital tools play a critical role in maintaining an engaged workforce




Tracy Toomer

VP of Operations, United PF Partners, LLC

Allison Falls

Operations Manager, United PF Partners, LLC

Stefanie Krieger

Customer Success Manager, Crew

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