Seamless communication

between the office and frontline

Crew is the connected frontline workplace, where frontline employees go to access the information, motivation, and support they need to do exceptional work. Trusted by more than 35,000 frontline teams, Crew comes with a mobile-first experience created with the frontline worker in mind, providing an app that’s safe for employers and loved by employees.


Crew integrates with Slack to better connect frontline teams and office employees. Announcements can be sent ‘tops down’ from Slack into Crew, or teams can set up two-way messaging between Slack and Crew to better coordinate frontline and home office teams.

Crew cracked the code of frontline


Mobile first solution

Mobile-first application built specifically around the needs of frontline workers. 

Mobile phone number and SMS-based authentication, optimized for workers that don’t have corporate email addresses.

Integrated with employee scheduling

Integrated with leading scheduling providers so frontline team members have the most up-to-date schedule in their pocket and one central hub for communication and schedule information.

Compliance and protection built-in

Built-in protection to keep communication work-appropriate and keep employers compliant. 


Including time-delayed and geo-targeted messaging to only reach on-the-clock employees and native removal of inappropriate content.

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80% lower turnover at Affinity Living Group

Crew is here for you.

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