23% increase in on-time deliveries at Domino’s

“Shift Manager allows me to post a picture of the weekly schedule for my entire team to view at the palm of their hands at any time.”

Freddie Tucker, Area Director

The challenge

As a Domino’s franchisee, RPM relies on three key metrics to monitor the health of its business: 1) sales, 2) labor costs and 3) % of deliveries on-time. With over 200 stores and 4,000 employees this is no easy task, and John Richards, COO of RPM Pizza, struggled with coordinating his workforce and ensuring the staffing needs required to improve on-time deliveries to their loyal customers. 

Prior to using Crew, RPM relied on group text messaging as the primary work communication channel for their store employees. These group texts, sometimes with up to 60 employees on a single thread, often became chaotic and ineffective. Posted schedules would get buried in a sea of texts, simple shift coverage requests would result in dozens of comments and push notifications and terminated employees were difficult to remove from the chain, putting private business information at risk. As the company grew, keeping stores optimally staffed became increasingly challenging leading to a drop in on-time pizza delivery and lost revenue.

The solution

Turning to Crew, John and one of his Area Directors, Freddie Tucker, were able to streamline and organize communications, put the schedule in every employee’s pocket and ensure workers complete the necessary training to have a successful day at work.


By utilizing key features like messaging, announcements, tasks and shift manager, Freddie was able to facilitate shift coverage, improve overall employee engagement and hold his team accountable for getting to work on time.

Keeping stores fully staffed

With the schedule in everybody’s pocket and an efficient way of communication Freddie noticed an upward shift in employee motivation. “Shift Manager allows me to post a picture of the weekly schedule for my entire team to view at the palm of their hands at any time” says Freddie, “Scheduling was extremely time consuming, I was spending an average of 8 hours a week on scheduling and getting shift coverage for team members that were unable to make it to work”. Now, with the use of Crew, Freddie can count on his team to be proactive in getting their shifts covered and showing up to work on time.

“Crew helps me keep everyone can be on the same page. I use Announcements to make sure all of my stores are kept updated and held accountable for their work.”

Freddie Tucker
Area Director, RPM Pizza

Ensure high quality of work

Freddie was able to dramatically improve the quality of his team’s work by using Crew to help ensure that everyone is properly trained. He uses tasks to assign and track training module completion and easily shares images and training videos to all of his stores. “With Crew’s in-app camera feature, I am able to send training videos and teach my staff quality assurance. In a short video, I am able to show my whole team how to properly sauce a pizza and everyone can reference the video anytime on Crew. I also have my teams take pictures and document each step of their closing procedures ensuring that all of my stores are being closed down properly and that each shift is being set up for success” says Freddie.


By providing RPM with a better way to communicate as a team and keep everyone informed on schedules and training, Crew has helped Freddie increase his stores deliveries on time by 23% and drive double digit growth in annual sales.


RPM Pizza is the largest Domino's franchisee in the US, making over $150 million in annual revenue.


Gulfport, MS


Quick-service restaurant


Employees:  4,000+

Locations:  200+


Fewer no-shows

Improved quality of work


2x growth in annual sales

23% improvement in on-time deliveries

Simplified employee training and team communication

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