New features in Command Center designed to further improve team communication

Updated: Jun 15

This month brings a number of new updates to Crew, specifically Command Center. These new features and updated functionality are designed to make it even easier for you and your team to stay on the same page with efficient and effective communication. Read on for this month’s updates:

Updates to Command Center

Announcements Alias in Command Center Make sure that the messaging you send out to your team is even more focused and clear with the ability to broadcast Announcements from Command Center as a different sender. For example, send documents about employee benefits from the HR team, information about new policies and procedures for re-opening from the Operations team.

Enhanced Announcements Reporting in Command Center The Message Details for Announcements sent from Command Center now displays the collective reactions to an Announcement, as well as a breakdown of who has and hasn’t seen or acknowledged a message.

Enterprise Profile Image Make Crew your own with the ability to change the profile image associated with your company’s Command Center. Use this feature to reflect your company’s branding, mark important occasions and personalize Crew for your team.

Facebook integration Share posts from your company's Facebook page to Crew. Posts are automatically formatted for easy consumption.

Updates to Crew App

Updates to Shift Covers This update makes it so that any team members with assigned shifts will see a list of all of their shifts by clicking the ‘Get Shift Coverage’ inbox entry in the Chats tab.

Message Replies in App Updates, information, and conversations among your team are moving faster than ever. With this new feature, users now have the ability to reply directly to a message in Crew and have better context regarding what the conversation is about.

To see Crew’s Enterprise features in more detail and understand how they can help you keep your frontline teams informed during COVID-19 and beyond, check out our new product webinar series ‘Mastering Crew Enterprise’.

Be sure to update your app and encourage your employees to update theirs in the Apple Store or on Google Play to access these latest improvements, and stay tuned for more enhancements to our solutions in the months to come.

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