Frontline communication built for business.

Secure. Safe. Compliant.

Serious data security

Team communication without sharing personal phone numbers or emails

Former employees blocked from accessing company content

Custom data retention that aligns with your company’s policy

Safe, productive conversation

Profane or inappropriate content automatically blocked

Content flagging and escalation paths for offensive content

Ensure only current employees have access to team communications

Advanced compliance controls

Create and enforce your own opt-in, usage, and conduct policies

Ensure schedules are posted on-time and compliant with labor regulations

Maintain audit logs to meet  compliance requirements (EOC, Fair Work Week, etc.)

“I can’t think of anything more essential to our business than Crew. We’re ahead of the game because Crew gives us everything we need to demonstrate scheduling compliance.” 


- Amir Syed, COO
   Syed Restaurants

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80% lower turnover at Affinity Living Group

Crew is here for you.

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