92% faster shift coverage time at Axis Protection

“Crew has been a really great communication tool and helped us to break down barriers”

Melissa Gyde, Operations Manager

The challenge

Axis Protection is a rapidly growing security services and protection company. Founded in 2018, they provide a range of services including patrol services, armed protection, personal protection, and event security. As they more than doubled the size of their team in less than one year, the operations team needed to ensure they were working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Axis tried a number of tools for managing their team schedule and communicating effectively across the organization, but unfortunately, found many to be inadequate and not up to their requirements.

“Communication is the biggest challenge for any business. Some of the communication tools we tried were actually detrimental to our business; things were getting missed and folks weren’t getting the information they needed.”

Melissa Gyde, Operations Manager

The solution

Eventually Axis Protection found two tools, which in combination, allowed them to optimize their operations and maximize their efficiency during this period of hyper-growth. First, they started using When I Work for building and managing the team schedule. They loved the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the platform and quickly realized it was the right solution for their business.


While that tool solved their challenge of managing the team’s schedule, they still lacked a way to communicate, share information, and solve problems as a team. When they discovered Crew, they realized they’d found a tool that would provide the capabilities their growing team needed. Melissa Gyde, Operations Manager, explained, "When trying to get in touch with someone to cover a shift, it's a night-and-day difference as compared to trying to get a hold of people by phone." 


With the new tools in place, the Axis team saw a marked increase in the efficiency of their team.  In April 2019, the Axis team added even further to their success and efficiency when they started using the newly launched integration between When I Work and Crew. This seamless integration automatically synced the team schedule from When I Work to Crew, and even further connected the two business-critical tools. By leveraging this integration, the Axis Protection team has seen a 92% improvement in the time it takes to cover a shift. 

Explaining the benefits they've seen from the integration, Melissa said, "Overall, it's made our business much more efficient. Using When I Work for scheduling and Crew for communication gives us the best of both worlds. We had tried other tools for scheduling, but they weren't intuitive or easy to use. Similarly, we had tried other tools for team communication, and I despised them. But we've gone all-in with Crew now and it's been a huge help for communication."


With these two best-in-class solutions working well for their business, Axis Protection has plans for continued growth and isn’t likely to slow down soon.


Axis Protection LLC’s goal is to provide the highest level of excellence in every area of security services. The company is founded on honesty, integrity and professionalism, ensuring clients’ needs are put above all else. Services include patrol services, armed protection, executive/personal security, church security, event security and school security. 


Fort Worth, Texas 




Employees: 30+ 

Founded 2018


  • Optimized operations

  • Increased efficiency 

  • Team communication and engagement


  • 92% improvement in time
    to secure shift coverage 

  • Increased efficiency
    across team 

  • Ability to continue to
    grow team


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